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Have you been injured at work?

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How to file a WCB Claim

  • You have the right to apply for Workers Compensation benefits if you have been injured at work – no matter how minor your injury. You must always follow the steps listed below: You must notify your supervisor immediately after sustaining an injury.
  • A “Green Card” (Notice of Injury Form 1) or its equivalent must be filled out and given to your supervisor.
  • Your employer must fill out a report to WCB (Form 2) within five days.
  • You must file a Workers Report of Injury – Form 3 (red form). You should keep the information the same as you have already reported.
  • When you go to a doctor, tell him exactly what happened – not just that you “got hurt at work”. Your doctor must fill out a report to WCB (Form 4

Be specific when completing the report. Include information such as:

  • Kind of machinery and weights of tools you use
  • How you stand or sit at the job and how fast you have to work
  • A photograph sometimes helps
  • Your joint health and safety committee and union should be notified.

    You must report your injury to the WCB for a claim to be established. WCB will then decide whether they will provide lost wages, medical benefits and drugs. If you require any assistance, contact your union representative. Or report your injury by telephone at 204-954-4321 or 1-855-954-4321 between 8am and 7pm Monday through Friday

    WCB Reporting an Injury Brochure.


Making an Appeal

There are three steps to the appeal process of your WCB claim:

Step 1. Adjudication is where decisions regarding your claim are made.

Step 2. If you disagree with the adjudicator’s decision, you may request in writing a re-consideration of the matter at the Review Office.

Step 1. If you disagree with the Review Office’s decision, you may appeal to the Appeal Commission. This is the final level and is usually done in a hearing before an appeal panel. Remember your full name and claim number are needed when contacting the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba.


Returning to Work

Are you returning to work on modified duties?

What You Need To Know

If you have suffered a workplace injury or illness and WCB substantiates that you are ready to return on modified or light duties you must:

  1. Get from your employer a description of the work you will be doing on modified duties.
  2. Take the description to your doctor and ask if this work is suitable for your return to work.

If your doctor says the work is not suitable, you must obtain a letter from your doctor explaining why the work is not suitable. If you simply provide a letter that states “no light duties” without an explanation or reason, WCB will cut off your benefits.

It is very important to follow these steps!

For the WCB Brochure on Returning to Work click here.


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