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In the September 2010 issue of UNION

  • UFCW celebrates EAL graduation in Brandon.
  • CCWIPP makes changes to pension.
  • Local 832 and 227W agree to merge, votes scheduled.
  • Lucerne Bread members ratify new deal.
  • UFCW Local 832 Golf tournament raises $30,000

In the July 2010 issue of UNION

  • Westfair ordered to change check stands.
  • Globalizing exploitation.
  • Lucerne Bread workers vote for strike action.
  • G4S Security members ratify first contract.
  • McKenzie Seeds members rafity new agreement.

In the June 2010 Issue of UNION

  • Women’s conference a success!
  • Local will be conducting survey of the membership.
  • Family passes available for City of Winnipeg
  • Two family picnics this month for members.
  • Golf tournament to be held on August 18.
  • Vantage Foods members receive compensation.

In the May 2010 issue of UNION

  • NDP holds convention in Winnipeg.
  • CCWIPP needs additional money.
  • CNIB members ratify new agreement.
  • Training Centre has two-day strategic planning session.
  • New scheduling and payroll system at Westfair.

In the April 2010 Issue of UNION

  • CNIB Workers locked-out.
  • Recognizing International Day of Mourning.
  • Policy conference an eye opener.
  • Health and Safety conference all about education.
  • Security guards deserve more.

In the February 2010 issue of UNION

  • Maple Leaf members in Brandon ratify new deal.
  • Negotiating protection for foreign workers.
  • Union profiles activist Charlotte Prokopow.
  • 42 Fairmont Hotel employees compensated.
  • Federated Co-op grievance resolved.
  • Two of the most important rules for WCB.
  • Union sets sights on minimum standards for security guards.
  • Safeway wages going up next month.

In the January 2010 issue of UNION

  • Local recognizes Norm Dube and his 50 years of union service.
  • Wonder where your dues go? Yearly pie chart on how we spend your dues.
  • Northern members raise money for Steelworkers in Ontairo.
  • Income tax time is almost upon us.
  • Labour supports the community.
  • Winter & Spring training schedule now posted.
  • Westfair member looks to help members.
  • General Mills member to carry Olympic Torch.

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In the December 2009 issue of UNION

  • Members at Old Dutch ratify a new agreement.
  • Shop Steward profile on Granny's Chief Steward.
  • UFCW Canada Women's Advisory Committee Report
  • You have the right to unionize.
  • Securitas Security members ratify first agreement.
  • Grace Hopsital social workers look for respect in upcoming bargaining.

In the November 2009 issue of UNION

  • UFCW Local 832 members vote for a new Premier of Manitoba.
  • Howard Johnson Hotel is a dead-beat employer.
  • Former UFCW local 832 negotiator and MFL President retires.
  • Lucerne Bread Plant prepares for negotiations.
  • Local announces executive board election results.
  • UFCW members attend Manitoba Federation of Labour convention in Brandon.
  • Territory changes take effect Dec.1

In the October 2009 issue of UNION

  • UFCW Local 832 pays tribute to Manitoba Premier, Gary Doer.
  • Local recognizes long-term members at retiree's dinner.
  • Local looks to build Political Action Network.
  • UFCW women helping the community.
  • Union wins arbitration against EPIC/ SMILE de St. malo Residences.
  • Local raises $36,000 in annual golf tournament for Leukemia & Lymphoma Reseach and for the GD 6 Ward at Health Sciences Centre.


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