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In the November 2006 issue of UNION

  • New Resource Centre for Local. Members will see new changes to the Local starting November 14.
  • Shop Steward Profile. Tara Roberts an Occupational Therapist at Grace Hospital is profiled.
  • Canadians Need a National Childcare Act. Susan Hart-Kulbaba takes a look at Prime Minister Harper's need to wake up and smell the baby formula.
  • Women of the UFCW. A full page update on what the women of UFCW Local 832 are up to.

In the October 2006 issue of UNION

  • A look inside the Reh-Fit Centre. $12 million expansion for state-of the-art facility
  • Why you should care. Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Traeger talks about theimportance of educationg yourself for upcoming elections.
  • Labour supports United Way. Once again, UFCW supports United Way.
  • $24,000 raised for Leukemia Research. 1st Annual UFCW Local Golf  Tournament a success.

In the September 2006 issue of UNION

  • Organizing For the Future. 200 New members Join Local
  • Women of UFCW. Local members attend national conference.
  • Scholarships Awarded. Over $30,000 handed out to members
  • Agricultural Workers Need Protection. UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler talks about the need for proper employment standards for migrant workers.

In the July 2006 issue of UNION

  • Unions Do More than File Grievances- Secretary Treasurer Jeff Traeger talks about the Training UFCW Local 832 offers its Members.
  • Can You Feel It?- New branding initative for the province of Manitoba.
  • Why My Union Doesn't Suck- Ryan Dale of Brandon wins first essay contest.
  • Meet The UFCW Local 832 Women's Advisory Committee.
  • Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer- Harry Mesman talks about what we can do

In the June 2006 issue of UNION

  • UFCW Canada National Director Michael Fraser retires - Wayne Hanley elected as the new National Director
  • Six Members of UFCW Local 832 attended the Manitoba Federation of Labour's Health and Safety Conference in Thompson
  • Workshops held, regional meetings planned for the UFCW Local 832 Women's Advisory Committee
  • Local 832 President Robert Ziegler writes about why it's important to bring new members into the union
  • Two UFCW Local 832 members are participating in the 2006 edition of the UFCW National Youth Internship Prog

In the May 2006 issue of UNION

  • April 28 of every year is the Day of Mourning, a time to mourn for workers killed or injured on the job—and to fight for the living.
  • May 1 is May Day—a day to recognize the contributions of workers. The September long weekend is Labour Day, also a recognition of working people.

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In the April 2006 issue of UNION

  • Union contract forces Safeway to promote 42 part-time employees to full-time.
  • Two UFCW Local 832 members participating in the 2006 UFCW Canada National Youth Internship Program.
  • Shop stewards from Westfair met in Winnipeg to discuss ways to better serve the membership.
  • Local 832 has set a target of $25,000 for 2006 for fundraising for leukemia research.
  • Leukemia fund raising initiatives include golf discounts for members - and a golf tournament.

In the March 2006 issue of UNION

  • Over 120 shop stewards met for a 2-1/2 day conference to better educate them on the local and on ways to better serve the members.
  • At the shop steward appreciation night, over $6,100 was raised for the fight against leukemia
  • Two UFCW Local 832 members from Brandon were recognized for their bravery while on the job.
  • Dental claims for Local 832 members can now be submitted by the dentist and processed electronically.
  • Former MFL President Rob Hilliard has joined Local 832 as the new Workers Compensation Advocate.
  • A new

In the February 2006 issue of UNION

  • Safeway shop stewards meet in Winnipeg to discuss issues of common concern.
  • Local 832 President Robert Ziegler says 24/7 shopping might create more jobs, but overall, the result would not be good for union members.
  • Local 832 members 30 years old and younger can win $500 by writing a short essay about why "Your Union Doesn't Suck".
  • Reasons why Wal-Mart should be a better employer are explored in a video that is available for free loan to Local 832 members.

In the January 2006 issue of UNION

  • Local 832 secretary-treasurer Jeff Traeger looks back at the union's financial activities in 2005 and ahead to 2006.
  • 'Doing More with Less' is Local 832's financial objective.


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