Union Magazine

In the November / December issue of UNION:

  • Who owns your tips?
  • Light the Night
  • Pallister's failing promises

In the September /October issue of UNION:

  • Loblaw Bargaining Resumes
  • In Memory of Chuck McCormick
  • Come Walk With Us at Light the Night

In the July / August issue of UNION:

  • Pride events around Winnipeg
  • National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • International Convention

In the May / June issue of UNION:

  • Municipal elections coming this fall
  • Seasonal hazards
  • New faces on Executive Board
  • Heavy workloads on the rise

In the March / April issue of UNION:

  • Learn English for free
  • MFL holds it's first Young Workers Assembly
  • Retail bargaining updates: Safeway update and Red River Co-op negotiations
  • History: 40 years ago this year Safeway was on strike, will history repeat itself?

In the January / February issue of UNION:

  • Pension Protection Now
  • Safeway Bargaining Committee
  • 2018 International Convention Election Meetings

In the November / December issue of UNION:

  • UFCW rallies on the steps of the Legislature to stand up for the Security Guard Minimum Wage
  • New territory assignments for UFCW reps
  • Working Sundays - do you know your rights?

In the September / October issue of UNION:

  • Local 832 Executive Board Elections Taking Place
  • $90,000 paid to Diageo members
  • Defined Benefits vs. Defined Contributions

In theSummer issue of UNION

  • Important Local Nomination / Election Information Inside
  • Winnipeg's First Two-Spirit Powwow
  • Shaping the future of labour relations

In the May / June issue of UNION:

  • UFCW Local 832 holds its Activist Conference.
  • Touring of the WRHA Laundry Facility
  • Introduction of UFCW's History column


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