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The Training Centre Builds Skills for the Future

A model for adult education in Canada, the UFCW Training Centre offers practical, hands-on, adult-oriented training and education programs in a wide array of high demand areas such as health and safety literacy and high school diploma courses. Funded through employer contributions to the UFCW Education and Training Trust Fund, the Local 832 Training Centres are considered some of the finest facilities of its kind in Canada.

Since its inception in 1998, the Winnipeg Training Centres have helped improve the lives of literally thousands of members.delivering modern, relevant programs that have an immediate and positive impact on the lives of our members. By improving their knowledge and education, our members become more confident, self assured and productive. This, in turn, improves their lives at the workplace, at home, and in every day life.

    The UFCW Training Centres are an important part of our on-going commitment to the membership that makes Local 832 the vibrant and progressive organization it is today.

Erin Selby, Training Centre Director

Lin Lin, Westman Training Coordinator

Bonnie Burron, Financial Administration Support

Ans Norman, Director, Adult High School Credit Program

Catherine Smallwood, Reception/Administration Support

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