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Celebrating our Past, Preparing our Future is a podcast series created through collaboration between UFCW local 832 and the Oral History center at University of Winnipeg documenting a variety of events and issues within the union’s history and what they mean for local 832 today.

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Episode 1

The Growth of Feminism in Local 832

This podcast explores the key work that feminist activists in UFCW local 832 did to create space for women in the union movement in Manitoba and across Canada.

Featuring: Beatrice Bruske, Darlene Dzewit, Mary Johnson, Susan Hart-Kulbaba, Heather Grant-Jury.

Runtime: 24:57

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Episode 2

Organizing on Shifting Ground:
The UFCW Training Centre


This podcast explores how the UFCW local 832 Training Centre came about and the affect it has had on Local 832's membership.

Featuring: Graham Dowdell, Margareit Roger, Robert Zeigler, Heather Grant-Jury.

Runtime: 26:21

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Episode 3

Labour People for Choice 

This podcast addresses how the abortion issue affected the Manitoba labour Movement.  Two key pro-choice activists, Darlene Dzewit and Susan Hart-Kulbaba, explain the lead up to the 1983 MFL convention where the issue of abortion was debated and the scene on the convention floor.

Featuring: Darlene Dzewit, Susan Hart-Kulbaba, Heather Grant-Jury.

Runtime: 19:37

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Episode 4

Fighting for Survival: the Westfair Strike of 1987

This podcast explores the various stories from the picket lines during the Superstore strike of 1987 and the importance of the strike in the union’s history.

Featuring: Beatrice Bruske, Bernard Christophe, Darlene Dzewit, Heather Grant-Jury.

Runtime: 22:12

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Episode 5

The Merging of Two Union Cultures 

This podcast explores the politics around the merger in 1979 of the Retail Clerks Union and the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America.

Featuring: Gerry Otto, Hugh McMeel, Bruno Zimmer, Mary Johnston, Denis Allard, Bernie Atamanchuck, Jeff Trager.

Runtime: 29:22

can anyone join a union

Episode 6

Labours War: Remembering the Safeway
Strike of 1978

This podcast explores various narratives on the Safeway strike of 1978 and the memoires from the picket lines.

Featuring: Darlene Dzewit, Bernard Christophe, Denis Allard, Susan Hart-Kulbaba, Robert Ziegler, Robb MacPherson, Joan Dudas.

Runtime: 29:00


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