Stella’s Sherbrook Location Achieves First Contract

October 7, 2019

After a meeting that took place, yesterday (Sunday, October 6, 2019), UFCW 832 members working at Stella’s Sherbrook location now have their first contract in their hands.

UFCW 832 had been attempting to bargain a fair deal with the employers since earlier this year, and we were unable to reach a fair deal with the employer, so the Union made an application for first-contract legislation at the Manitoba Labour Board.

“After some rocky negotiations, we’re proud to say that our members working at Stella’s on Sherbrook have their contract,” said Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832. “We expect to finalize a deal for the members at the Osborne location shortly.”

After mediation, the Employer and the Union gave their proposals to the labour board, and the Labour Board imposed the contract from there.  The new contract lasts for one year and expires on September 20, 2020.

The new contract brings a 5% increase in wages for staff, paid breaks, increased vacation percentages a benefit plan, and a respectful workplace policy built right into the union contract.

As well, the new contract brings the backing of the union grievance process to solve any future workplace harassment issues or other issues that may occur.

UFCW Local 832 represents all servers, expos, dishwashers, cooks, hosts and baristas.

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