President Traeger gives an update on bargaining with Maple Leaf

October 4, 2019

Click the video to view the latest update from President Jeff Traeger, or read the update below.


Hi there, I'm Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832 and lead negotiator in the recent talks with Maple Leaf in Brandon.

Giving this update from the Brandon office where we've been bargaining all week.

Finally, we are moving onto monetary proposals, and that has just happened in the last couple of days.

The company has not responded yet, to our proposals and we have a break now for one week.

We come back to the table from October 15 - 17.
I would say that bargaining so far has been tough, but good. Your bargaining committee has done a fantastic job representing you at the table. We've had some difficult issues to deal with as you know, there are lots of problems at the plant and we'ree working our way through those. And money is the toughest part of bargaining with any employer, especially a large employer like yours, but we'll be at that in two weeks' time, and I will give you a further update then.

In the meantime, check out what your bargaining committee has been saying by clicking here.


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