Loblaw bargaining committee announced

May 30, 2018

It's with great pleasure that UFCW Local 832 introduces you to your 2018 Loblaw Bargaining Committee. This committee brings an excellent mix of new faces and members who have participated in the process before, ensuring you will be well represented in the negotiations to come.

Lisa Schmik James Moran Nadia Aoubichat
Kim Snider Kathy Brnjas Mimi Burke
Florence Barr Nancy Sommerfeld Kathryn Lunt
Robin Moore Lydia Brock Linda Miller
Vikki Allard Brad Broome Diane Gibson-Pierce
Ollie MacLean Carmela Masotti  
President Jeff Traeger Secretary-Treasurer Bea Bruske  
Unio Rep Roberta Hoogervorst Union Rep Jason Hawkins  






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