Fort La Bosse School Division Negotiations at Standstill

April 19, 2018

With the current government’s Bill 28 still pending, the Fort La Bosse School Division is not interested in negotiating until a decision on Bill 28 is made. Unless, of course, your union agrees to the conditions as outlined in Bill 28, which we are not prepared to do.

Bill 28 shows blatant disregard for the collective bargaining rights of the workers who provide public services to all Manitobans. The union believes that Bill 28 unfair and unconstitutional.

“I have discussed our options with our Legal counsel and they advised that it is better for our members to hold off until the legal challenge on Bill 28 is decided,” stated union negotiator Phil Kraychuk. “Our members are still protected under their current expired collective agreement.”

Anyone interested in reading about Bill 28 can go to

Negotiator Kraychuk will provide a further update as soon as he has more definite information.

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