Update on Safeway Negotiations

January 29, 2018


Your bargaining committee was notified yesterday, Sunday, January 28, that the lead negotiator for Safeway had suffered a death in the family and would be unable to bargain with us for the four days we had scheduled for this week.

Your bargaining committee and I understand that this unfortunate tragedy makes cancelling bargaining unavoidable and we send our condolences to the negotiator and his family during this difficult time.

We are growing concerned with the lack of progress made so far, and we will keep you informed of any developments at the bargaining table in British Columbia, Alberta and right here at home in Manitoba.

We will be ready to redouble our efforts on behalf of the membership when we return to the table.

- Jeff Traeger, President UFCW Local 832



Bargaining timelines so far

December 7 and 8, 2017: Negotiations were scheduled to open, but the company cancelled both dates to make their announcement about FreshCo.

January 15 – 18:  The company met with UFCW for 90 minutes on the 15th, tabled massive cutbacks to your contract and cancelled the rest of the bargaining dates.

January 29 – February 2: Due to an unfortunate death in the family, the company cancelled the week’s bargaining.

February 6 - 9


Safeway myth busting

On the Safeway website, they posted that it was mutually decided to cancel our bargaining dates on January 15-18.
This is simply not true.

On their website, they reference a Financial Post article about Save On Foods coming to Manitoba, but what they don't tell you is that article is two and a half years old, from July 9, 2015.
The truth is that there are only three Save On Foods stores in Manitoba and that company tells us they have no plans to open another for the next two years.

Meanwhile in Western Canada…

After announcing they are closing ten stores in BC on the eve of opening negotiations, there now appears to be a growing dispute over whether or not the employees affected will be deemed to be terminated in the store that may reopen as a FreshCo.

And in Alberta, workers have been without a contract for almost a year.


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