Open letter to all members working at Safeway

September 6, 2017

RE: Selection of the Bargaining Committee for the 2018 UFCW Local 832 & Sobeys West Inc. Negotiations

Dear Member,

Negotiations for the renewal of your contract with Safeway will take place late this year and early in 2018.  Your contract expires on March 17th, 2018 and as we have done in the past we intend to complete bargaining by no later than that date.

We expect that this round of talks will be more difficult than usual because of the poor performance of the company since Canada Safeway was taken over by Sobeys.

On our town hall meeting held on August 21st, I informed all those on the call that we would be selecting the members of our committee in September and making the announcement of the successful applicants in early October.  I also announced that we would be opening applications for positions on the committee to all members and not limiting committee members to those who are shop stewards as we have in the past.

If you are interested in being on the Bargaining Committee for 2018, you must submit your request via email to me no later than FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29th, 2017.  My email address is  If you do not submit a request, you will not be considered for the bargaining committee.


You can also apply by clicking the link at the bottom of this letter, or the yellow box on the side. (at the top on a mobile device).

Our Safeway Reps, your Secretary Treasurer and I will select the committee members based on the reasons you provide us why you believe you would be a good candidate, geographic representation, experience and the need to have committee members from as many different departments as possible.

Please contact me or your full-time Union Representative if you have any questions or concerns about this process and thank you for staying involved and keeping your union strong.


In solidarity,
Jeff Traeger
UFCW Local 832



Apply here to become part of the bargaining committee.


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