Westfair merges two departments into one.

August 21, 2009
Beauty and Tolietries will become one department, no layoffs will occur. On Friday August 21, 2009 the union received a phone call from Westfair head office. They advised the union, that effective August 30/09, all Superstores across Western Canada will be amalgamating the Beauty and Toiletries departments into one department which will now be called “Beauty”.  Head office also told the union that no bargaining unit members will be laid off as a result of this amalgamation. This department will have two supervisors as per Letter of Understanding # 11 of the current Collective Agreement.  The current Beauty supervisor will now be “Beauty supervisor # 1” and the toiletries supervisor will be “Beauty Supervisor # 2”. All members of the new department will be scheduled by seniority.  No members will loose their seniority as a result of this amalgamation.  The union will be monitoring the schedules and will work with any members who have individual questions &/or concerns.  If any issues arise at your store, please contact your union representative directly.

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