After two more days of negotiations it’s time to send Safeway a wake-up call.

February 10, 2009
On February 9 and 10 your negotiating committee met with the company in hopes of moving towards securing a new collective agreement for the members at Safeway. The company seems to be only concerned with their proposals and they continue to avoid the proposals that you want addressed. “I was optimistic when Safeway officials asked us if we would like to start negotiating early, that it was a good sign. Why else would the company want to start negotiations early?” stated UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler. At the conclusion of February 10 negotiations, your bargaining committee decided that a strike vote must take place. Once a date is set, notices will be sent out to the stores advising them of times and locations. During the meeting, the union will provide the members with a list of items that have been agreed to along with a list of outstanding proposals from both the union and the company. “We need to show the company that the membership is serious about these negotiations. It is important that members come out and give the union a unanimous vote in favour of a strike and hopefully that will be the wake-up call the company needs,” stated Ziegler. The union is committed to reaching an agreement with Safeway without going on strike, but your negotiating committee believes in order to reach a settlement we need to take a strike vote.

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