Jeff Traeger


Jeff Traeger became the third full-time President in the 76 year history of UFCW Local 832 in the fall of 2011.

Besides leading the largest private sector union in Manitoba, Jeff also serves as the Secretary Treasurer of the Manitoba Federation of Labour and represents the interests of working people as a member of the Labour Management Review Committee.

Nationally, Jeff is the Manitoba representative on the Human Rights, Equity and Diversity Committee for UFCW Canada, and also represents the province on the UFCW National Defense Fund where he sits as an administration and audit committee member.  He is a member of the UFCW Canada National Council and an Advisory Committee member for the UFCW International Union headquartered in Washington D.C.

Jeff chairs both the Adult Learning Centre Board and the local’s Education and Training Trust Fund and is always looking for new ways to open doors and create educational opportunities for Local 832 members and their families.  His passion for finding ways to make our union inclusive and relevant has driven many of the local’s diversity and community initiatives to another level and he provides strong leadership for the local’s Community Action Network.

“Being the president for such a progressive organization gives me the opportunity to work with and for many good and talented people. It makes it possible for me to have a positive influence on people’s lives on a daily basis, and that is truly an honour”.

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Beatrice Bruske


Bea Bruske became a full-time union representative with Local 832 in 1993. During the previous two years, she had worked frequently as a relieving rep. She became a full-time negotiator in July, 2004.On October 24, 2011 Bea became secretary-treasurer for the Local.

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Bea first became intensively involved in union activities during the Westfair strike of 1987. Following the strike, Bea became a shop steward. She also served on the health and safety committee, and as a vice-president on the Local 832 Executive Board.

Other union activities included serving on the education committee, women’s committee, and the layoff and plant closure program. Bea is on the Executive Council of the Manitoba Federation of Labour where she helps formulate the policy and direction of Mantioba’s premier labour organization. She also ensures that UFCW issues are properly and appropriately addressed and articulated before the MFL. Bea is also an Employee Representative on the Manitoba Labour Board.

Bea holds an Arts degree from the University of Manitoba where she majored in Labour Studies.

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Marie Buchan

Executive Advisor to the President & Negotiator

As a member of Local 832, Marie spent over five years working at St. Boniface General Hospital. A strong union supporter, Marie served as a shop steward at the hospital and was also active during a strike against the hospital in the fall of 2003. In addition to working at St. Boniface Hospital, Marie spent three years as a cashier and customer service clerk at Safeway store 712, McPhillips and Leila in Winnipeg.

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In December 2002, Marie came on staff as a relief representative - becoming a permanent, full-time union representative in March, 2003. In the same month, in addition to her appointment as a Local 832 full-time union rep, Marie was elected to the Executive Board of the UFCW Canadian Council. Both before and after being hired as a full-time union representative, Marie has been active on Local 832 Youth Committee, as well as the Manitoba representative for the UFCW Canada Youth Committee. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Marie attended the University of Winnipeg and South Winnipeg Technical Institute.

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