More Members — More Services

Our large membership base allows Local 832 to provide all members with a comprehensive range of services.

All members of UFCW Local 832, regardless of where they work or the contents of their specific collective agreement, have a team of professionals constantly working on their behalf. Our full-time professional negotiators consistently obtain some of the best collective agreements in Manitoba. Full-time union representatives regularly visit workplaces to ensure that every member receives all of the benefits negotiated on their behalf, and that they’re always treated fairly and with dignity by their employers.

Other professionals on staff with Local 832 include a full-time education director and other staff who work to provide members with the many programs offered through our education and training centre, a facility no other Manitoba union can match. A wide variety of training programs are constantly put on for the benefit of members at the training centre, as well as at other locations around the province.

There are also two full-time lawyers on staff to represent our members in arbitrations and other workplace related legal proceedings. A health and safety specialist works to keep members safe at work.
Local 832 also has full-time communication specialists who produce magazines, newsletters, as well as use social media to keep Local 832 members informed about the activities of the union.

Local 832 also works actively in the political sphere to try and ensure that legislation passed by MLAs and MPs reflect our members' concerns. We have championed such causes as the right to refuse dangerous work, pay equity for health care workers, and better workers compensation legislation.

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