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What Can Be Negotiated into a Union Agreement?


Wages, benefits such as dental and pension plans, and job security can all be improved through negotiations between an employer and the union. Improvements in vacations, sick pay, and hours of work are also typically achieved through negotiations. Most agreements also include protection against harassment on sexual, racial, religious or any other grounds.

A collective bargaining agreement is a legal and binding document negotiated by the union and the company. “Negotiation time” is the opportunity for members to put forward their concerns and interests for consideration and possible resolution under the collective bargaining agreement. UFCW Local 832 holds membership meetings before negotiations begin to obtain input from our members.

Questionnaires are also often mailed to the membership to ensure that participation in the negotiations process is as broad based as possible. Membership meetings are also held regularly during negotiations to keep members updated on developments and to discuss the union’s response to the employer’s position.

Types of Benefits Commonly Negotiated

The precise benefits an individual member receives are dependent on the collective agreement that has been negotiated by this Local with that person's employer. UFCW Local 832 negotiates in excess of 100 separate agreements. The following areas are typically covered in UFCW Local 832 agreements.

Job Security

The collective agreements negotiated by UFCW Local 832 for its members protect members against unfair dismissal and unjustifiable layoffs.


For full and part-time work, overtime, premium pay, night shift, holidays.

Dental Plan

70 per cent of our members are covered by a dental plan, in which the employer pays 100 per cent of the premium for basic dental coverage, 90 per cent of major dental bills and 60 per cent of orthodontics, based on the Dental Association Fee Schedule used by the Dental Plan for the employer at the time.

Drug Prescription Payments

The union has negotiated into many agreements the provision that all eligible prescription drugs not paid for under the Provincial Pharmacare Plan will be paid for by an employer-funded plan.

Maternity Leave

Female members are eligible for better maternity leaves from their places of employment than legislation provides.

Meal and Rest Periods

Both full-time and part-time workers are entitled to uninterrupted meal and rest periods, as negotiated by the union.

Seniority Benefits

Give greater protection in the event of layoffs, priority in selecting vacation time, in the scheduling of hours, first recall after layoff, selection for promotion.

Sick Days

This union has negotiated sick leave for part-time employees, as well as full-time employees.

Short and Long Term Disability Payments

Premiums are paid by the companies involved because the Union obtained this benefit through negotiations.

Semi-Private Hospital Accommodation

Including private duty nursing, wheelchairs, crutches, respirators.

Pension Plan

The Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan covers over 70 per cent of Local 832 members and is fully paid for by the employers. The Plan is based on the number of hours worked, not the hourly wage. For example, a worker earning $7 an hour will receive the same good pension as the worker earning $17 an hour or more. The pension plan is fully portable nationwide and is the best of its kind.

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