Celebrating UFCW 832's history

UFCW 832 celebrates the people and events that have guided our development over the past 75 years. On this page, we invite you to explore 832's past and contribute your thoughts or images.

Enjoy exploring the history and achievements of UFCW 832.

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  • May 2, 1938
  • Aug 1, 1958
  • June 1, 1965
  • Apr 2, 1973
  • May 11, 1973
  • May 15, 1978
  • June 15, 1979
  • Mar 1, 1982
  • May 20, 1982
  • Aug 1, 1984

May 2, 1938

Retail Clerks Union Formed

The founding members of this union worked at Piggly Wiggly which later became a Safeway store — at108 Marion Street in Winnipeg.

Aug 1, 1958

286 Merger

In 1958, Retail Clerks local 286 merges with UFCW Local 832.

June 1, 1965

1575 Merger

In 1965, Retail Clerks Local 1575 in Flin Flon Manitoba merges with Local 832.

Apr 2, 1973

Dental Trust

The Union Dental Trust is created in 1973.

May 11, 1973

Dominion Store Strike

The Retail Store Employees Union (Local 832) which represented employees at all the grocery chains was trying to get all the stores to agree to jointly-run, company-paid pension plans. Some agreed, but Dominion held out, arguing that its own plan was superior.

May 15, 1978

Safeway Strike

1978 saw massive labour disputes and strikes across Canada due to price and wage controls. Thousands across Canada went out on strike. The unrest was caused by rising inflation thus increasing the cost of living; workers around the country were told to exercise “self-restraint” on wages and benefits. In Winnipeg UFCW local 832 was front and centre of these disputes with nearly two thousand Safeway employees going out on strike in May 1978. Adding to these numbers were the bakery and diary workers (Lucerne). The strike lasted eight weeks and was one of the biggest and longest 832 has undertaken. Click the image to the right to watch two videos about this strike.

June 15, 1979

UFCW International Created

The UFCW was created through the merger of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters union and Retail Clerks International Union following its founding convention in June 1979.

Mar 1, 1982

St. Boniface Organized

The hospital was organized in 1982.

May 20, 1982

Women's Conference

First UFCW Women's Conference held in Winnipeg on May 20 and 21, 1982.

Aug 1, 1984

Westman Office

Westman Office opens in Brandon in 1984.